Monday - Stew Conch or Stew Chicken

Tuesday - Curry Goat or BBQ Chicken

Wednesday - Fried Chicken or Ackee w/Cod fish

Thursday - Curry Chicken or Oxtail

Friday - Pepper Steak or Baked Chicken

Saturday - Chicharon

Sunday - Stew Turtle or Stew Beef

All meals are served with two sides, white rice or rice and beans, mixed vegetables, fried plantains or cassava.

Lobster Fiests

Daily Local Specials

South Coast Bar & Grill offers fresh dishes to delight any appetite with a great beachfront view. Don't miss our Karaoke night every Saturday night starting at 9 pm with Caymans very own Elvis.

House Specialties

South Coast Bar & Grill

Beachfront dining

Indulge in a 5 course lobster meal, nothing but lobster. We strongly believe fine food can be enjoyed at a local price. $36.00 per person every Thursday night, by reservation only.